Places of Interest in Berry

Berry is a fascinating town with a large number of historic buildings.

A stroll along Berry's streets will reveal some magnificent public and private buildings, each with a story to tell.

A Map of Berry

Queen Street

Queen Street is the main road through Berry township. Take a stroll along Queen Street to see many of the town's original buildings.

Government Buildings

Berry boasts some very interesting government buildings that date back to the early days of the town.

Post Office

The first post office, opened in 1861, was situated in the original Mananga homestead at the southern end of the town (near the 50km speed limit sign). In 1879, the post office was moved to new pemises at 137 Queen Street (now a restaurant). The current post office is located at 109 Queen Street.

Berry Primary School

Berry Primary School was built in 1884 to replace the old one in Pulman Street. The original building is now used as the library and new buidings have been added as needed.

Court House

The Courthouse on the corner of Albany and Victoria Street was designed by Colonial Architect James Barnet in 1889 in the Greek Revival Style. It operated as a courthouse until 1988 and then as a police station until it was sold into private hands in 1994. It was then bought by Council in 1999 for community use and is used for functions and meetings.

Berry Railway Station

The railway from Sydney reached Berry in 1893. Berry Station platform was lengthened to accommodate the especially long trains that ran for the Berry Races. The racecourse lay between the station and Broughton Creek.
No races seem to have been run after WWI.