We welcome new members to our Society. Our members contribute in many ways.

  • Support of the Museum - Knowledge about the Museum and recommending it to visitors and locals is an invaluable contribution to our work.
  • Involvement/volunteering - Members may wish to undertake specific tasks within the Society. This commitment can be minimal; a one-off task or an ongoing task to do in your own time.
  • Willingness to learn - Be as well informed about the Society's work as you possibly can. There is nothing wrong with saying `I don't know' and finding out the answer. Seek assistance.
  • Ongoing training - Essential to any job well done. There are always changes occurring in the Society and the Museum. Share your knowledge and skills with others and attend workshops and meetings to learn more.
  • Communication - Clear and open communication is very important. Ask about things you do not understand. Give constructive, honest feedback.
  • Be part of a valued team - We aim to recognise, support and appreciate the effort of achieving both the personal goals of each Member and the goals of the Society.