Displays in the Museum

The museum contains a variety of artefacts and information in our permanent displays. There is also the Exhibition Room, which shows special exhibitions at various times of the year.

1. Entrance

When you enter the Museum, you find yourself in what was once the banking chamber, where the tellers served their customers. In the far corner is the original bank vault.

2. Hands-on Room

The next room you come to in the Museum is the Hands-on Room where you can type on an old typewriter, or try to make a phone call on the old phone switchboard. There are lots of things to discover here. This room was originally the bank manager's office.

3. First Hallway

The First Hallway is the beginning of what was once the bank manager's residence. It now shows the commercial development of the area.

4. Local Industry

The first room on the right off the hallway shows some interesting items from the local industries that helped to shape our town – timber getting and dairy farming.

5. Second Hallway

Extending on from the First Hallway, the Second Hallway shows the schools and learning styles from earlier times.

6. Coolangatta Room

The second room on the right displays items from the estate of Alexander and David Berry, called the Coolangatta Estate. John Hay took over the running of estate after the death of the Berry brothers.

You will also find two very old tombstones in this room. One of these tombstones is thought to be the oldest tombstone in Australia.

7. Military Room

The third room on the right displays uniforms and memorabilia from World War I, World War II and the Boer War. You will also find information about the Berry Lancers in this room.

8. Exhibition Room

Temporary Workroom

9. Left hallway

The left hallway leads out to the veranda and what was originally the main entrance to the bank manager's residence. In this hallway, you will find items from Berry Hospital.

10. Library

Also known as Wilsons Room, this room contains a wealth of records on the people who lived in Berry and its surrounds. The bookcases in this room were built by the Berry Mens Shed.

11. Linen Room

The third room on the left is the Linen Room, displaying many garments and fabrics from Berry's past.

12. The Kitchen

At the end of the hall on the left is the Kitchen, preserved in the style of a previous era.

13. Blacksmith

Tools of trade

14. Bottles/Glass

Collection of bottles and glass

15. The Laundry

This room contains a display of tools.

16. Flood Boat

In the grounds of the Museum, you will find the flood boat amid the gardens that are maintained by our volunteers.